The Roy Kidman Wine Co is a boutique family owned and operated wine business based in the famous Coonawarra wine region in south eastern South Australia. We enjoy an idyllic grape growing climate in a classically picturesque countryside setting complemented by Coonawarra's established reputation for producing wines of world class quality.

Our family have been growing wine grapes in Coonawarra since 1970 when 3.2 hectares of Shiraz were established on the famous Terra Rossa strip, complementing our Merino sheep flock and beef cattle herd. We remained one of the smallest growers in Coonawarra until 1994 when we established more vineyards to meet the demand for Coonawarra grapes, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon.

A 6 hectare block planted in 1994 soon became a consistent supplier of quality Cabernet Sauvignon to some of Coonawarra’s most famous wine labels. By 2000 we had 58 hectares planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot and the first Viognier in the region.

Since 2004 we have been able to select premium parcels of grapes, the pick of our vineyards, for our own wines.

We take great pride in our personalised hands-on approach in presenting our carefully crafted selection of fine wines for your appreciation and enjoyment.

Our Range of Wines

Roy The Cattleman

Who was Roy? He was our paternal grandfather who was born and raised in the South East of South Australia and worked as a stockman for his uncle the "Cattle King", Sir Sidney Kidman.

In 1920, after serving as a Light Horseman in World War One, he purchased a portion of the orignal "Yallum Park" which was the grazing property established by John Riddoch, the founder of the Penola Fruit Colony which is now known as the Coonawarra Wine Region. 

Roy became a well respected breeder of prime beef cattle, and what could complement a prefect steak more than a great Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon..?

Wines available in the Roy The Cattleman range:

- Cabernet Sauvignon - SOLD OUT!
- Shiraz - SOLD OUT!

Bar Over Box

Galvanised tin was slotted into the end of a piece of 3" x 2" redgum and hand fashioned into a branding tool. Wads of woolen fibres and branding ink left a rough but indelible mark on the sheep's back ensuring this was no jumbuck for a passing tucker bag! 

Later replaced with a more versatile piece of sculptured 8-guage fencing wire, this piece of bush ingenuity developed into our registered family stock brand "Bar Over Box"

Wines available in the Bar Over Box range:

- Cabernet Sauvignon - SOLD OUT!
- Shiraz - SOLD OUT!
- Sauvignon Blanc - Contact us


Our very first wine label, it continues our lineage and is our staple everyday favourite. 

Wines available in the KC range:

- Cabernet Sauvignon - SOLD OUT!

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